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  XTC Was founded by a group of friends with similar interests of scuba diving and exploring warm and tropical islands/countries.  The founding members are Trent and Cheryl.  The addition of other friends joining them on the trip creates the X factor.   All pictures are Copyright and property of Trent Sehnert.  If you would like a high definition copy of one of the pictures, please let me know via the Contact link at the bottom of this page.    NOTE:   Most pictures are saved through facebook.  So if you cannot see them, please logout of facebook, then try again. 

Little Cayman - Jan 2014

Trent and Mrs. X visited the Little Cayman Beach Resort in January of 2014.   The resort was very good and we had an ocean front room with an amazing view.   The resort staff were all very friendly, and the dive staff were great.   The dive staff would set up your gear and switch it out for you, as well as carry it to and from the ladder for you.   All you had to do was sit down at the back of the boat, put on your gear, and jump in the water.  And the diving was pretty good as well.   We'd highly recommend this resort for anyone looking to do some diving in the Caribbean.

Here are some photos from the trip.

Little Cayman Diving - 24 Jan    Little Cayman Diving - 23 Jan   Little Cayman Diving - 22 Jan  Little Cayman Diving - 21 Jan

Little Cayman Diving - 20 Jan   Little Cayman Diving - 19 Jan  

Yap 2013

Trent and Mrs. X visited the Micronesia island of Yap in November of 2013.  We stayed at Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers.  It was the best combined resort and diving experience we had all year.   We can highly recommend the resort and the diving.   The highlights were seeing all the Manta Rays, the sharks, and the amazing long tailed sea hares that Mrs. X found one day.    Here are the pics from the trip.

Sarah's Sea Hare Canyon    Yap Diving - 15 Nov    Yap Diving - 14 Nov   Yap Diving - 13 Nov    Yap Diving - 12 Nov

Yap Diving - 11 Nov    Yap Diving - 10 Nov  

Palau - November 2013

Trent and Mrs. X visited Palau in November of 2013.   We were there in the middle of the strongest Typhoon ever recorded, so we missed a day of diving, and were unable to get to some of the best dive sites, but we still had a good time there.    We stayed at the Sea Passion hotel and went diving with Palau Dive Adventures, who are based right at the Sea Passion.    The hotel was nice, with a fantastic view of the little lagoon we were in.   And Palau Dive Adventures were a great, personalized dive service.   They also let us take tanks for a shore dive right in front of the hotel.  At night you can see the Mandarinfish even!    I would highly recommand Palau Dive Adventures for all those heading to Palau for some diving.  Here are some pics from the trip.  On the third, all diving was done in front of the Sea Passion.   On the 4th, we also were at Jellyfish Lake.

Palau Diving - 3 Nov     Palau Diving - 4 Nov    Palau Diving - 5 Nov    Palau Diving - 6 Nov    Palau Diving - 8 Nov  

Palau Land Photos

Bahamas - September 2013

T and Mrs. X visited Sandals Royal Bahmian resort in Nassau, Bahamas in September.   The resort grounds were fantastic, and the ocean view from our room was pretty good too.    I could tell you more about sandals, but look for my review on Tripadvisor in September for more information.   But basically we could really recommend this Sandals, though would suggest experienced divers may want to go elsewhere for a diving service better geared towards experienced divers.   If you're inexperienced, go for it.    Anyway, here are the pics.

Bahamas Diving - 2 Sep    Bahamas Diving - 3 Sep   Bahamas Diving - 4 Sep   Bahamas Diving - 5 Sep

Bahamas Diving and Snorkeling - 6 Sep    Bahamas Diving - 7 Sep

Florida - June 2013

Trent and little X (he niece) went diving in the West Palm Beach area, then headed  over to Crystal River on the other side of Florida for some snorkeling with Manatees.   West Palm Beach had some great diving, and it was amazing to see the large amount of HUGE turtles all around.  We were diving with Pura Vida Divers based on Singer Island in West Palm.     I can highly recommend the dive op, and the diving!  Oh, and if you get a chance, dive the Blue Heron Bridge as well.   We did that a couple times and it was quite the experience.   Lots of cool critters.

Crystal River and Snorkeling with Manatees   West Palm Beach - 2 Jun    West Palm Scuba - 3 Jun   West Palm Scuba - 4 Jun

West Palm Scuba - 5 Jun    Blue Heron Bridge - 6 Jun    West Palm Scuba - 7 Jun

Aqua Cat - Mar 2013

In March, Trent and Mrs. X went on our first dive liveaboard boat, called the Aqua Cat, which is based out of Nassau, Bahamas.   The crew was great, the boat was large and comfortable, and there was some great diving.   We'd definitely do a liveaboard again based off our experience there.   It was so good, I wanted to cancel our trip to Sandals in September, and go back on the Aqua Cat instead.   Anyway, here are the pics form that trip.

Aqua Cat - 22 Mar   Aqua Cat - 21 Mar    Aqua Cat - 20 Mar   Aqua Cat - 19 Mar   Aqua Cat - 18 Mar   Aqua Cat - 17 Mar  

Atlantis Hotel and Nassau

Maui - Jan 2013

We took another trip to Maui in January of 2013.   We just did a rental through VRBO and we managed to get a few days of scuba diving in, even though I was feeling a little under the weather a few days.    Still had a nice time there, as it's one of our favorite places to go.

Maui Scuba - 20 Jan     Maui Scuba - 21 Jan   Maui Scuba - 22 Jan   Maui Scuba - 24 Jan   Maui Scuba - 25 Jan  

Mexico - November 2012

Trent and Mrs. X visited Mexico in November and stayed at the El Dorado Royale resort in the Mayan Riviera.   If you've never been there,  it's a fantastic resort and we can highly recommend it.  Great rooms, great food, great service and pretty nice beaches.     We went through Scoripio Divers in Cancun for our diving.    A great outfit ran by Jorge.  Tell him I said HI if you happen to book with him.   We saw all kinds of cool stuff.  Eagle Rays, Sharks, Dolphins, Eels, turtles, tons of fish, etc.    The diving around Cancun and Puerto Morelos is highly underrated in my opinion. If you haven't been there, now might be the time to give it a try. 

Cozumel Diving - 13 Nov   Cancun Diving - 14 Nov    Puerto Morelos - 15 Nov    Akumal - 16 Nov

Grand Cayman - September 2012

We visited Grand Cayman in September  of 2012 for some sun and scuba.   We went diving with Living The Dream Divers, who give a great, personalized service and get you to all the places you want to go.   I took a Lionfish hunting course with them as well that was pretty fun, though I only caught one lionfish.  And a grouper ate that lionfish right off the spear before I could show it to my instructor!   Oh well..  Good for the grouper.    Now if he would just eat them without someone spearing them first.     Got lots of good pics, and  here they are.

Grand Cayman Diving - 2 Sep   Grand Cayman Diving - 3 Sep   Grand Cayman Diving - 4 Sep   Grand Cayman Diving - 5 Sep  

Grand Cayman Diving - 6 Sep   Cayman Turtle Farm and beyond

Wakatobi - May 2012

Trent and Mrs. X visited the Wakatobi Dive Resort in May of 2012 and had a fantastic time diving, eating, and relaxing.   Enough cannot be said about how great the customer service is with not only the diving, but the resort staff in general.   If you are thinking of visiting, I'd highly recommend it without any reservations.    Though there is one caveat, if you are looking for BIG creatures, such as sharks and rays, this isn't the destination for you.   This area is all about the small creatures, great corals and fish, and the occasional turtle.      You'll get an idea of what you'll see by scanning through my pictures below.    Some pics I went through and posted just the best, and some I posted everything I took.  (Upwards of 400 per day on some days)    

Wakatobi Getting there and Dives May 3rd-5th    Wakatobi Diving May 6th    Wakatobi Diving May 7th   

Wakatobi Diving May 8th     Wakatobi Diving May 9th    Wakatobi Diving May 10th     Wakatobi Diving May 11th

Wakatobi Diving May 12th    Wakatobi Diving May 13th   

My general review of Wakatobi Dive Resort was that it was a great place to visit and we're very glad we made the trip.   We would recommend it to anyone that wants to go try diving in that area of the world.   The service was great, the diving was easy, and there were lots of little things to see.

Cancun - December 2011

Trent and Mrs. X visited Cancun for a week of relaxation Christmas week in 2011.   We stayed at the Oasis Cancun resort (highly advised you stay away from it) and went diving with Scorpio Divers in Cancun.   I can definitely recommend Scorpio Divers.  Jorge and the gang there give you very personalized service and the DM's are very friendly and helpful.     The scuba diving in Cancun is highly underrated in my opinion.   Some of the dives in the area are to be placed on your "must dive" list.   A couple in particular are the C58 Wreck in Cancun, and the wreck in Puerto Morelos.   Eagle rays galore!      Anyway, here are the links to my pics and videos from the trip.

Cancun Scuba Diving - Dec 26th 2011     Cancun Scuba Diving - Dec 27th 2011    Puerto Morelos Scuba Diving - Dec 28th 2011

Cancun Scuba Diving - Dec 29th 2011     Cancun Scuba Diving - Dec 30th 2011


MUST WATCH:  Eagle Rays at C58 Wreck Dec 30th       Eagle Rays C58 Wreck     Eagle Rays C58 Wreck   

Eagle Ray Crash Lands     Eagle Ray C58 Wreck      Eagle  Rays Puerto Morelos      Eagle Rays Puerto Morelos

More Eagle Rays Puerto Morelos     School of Snapper - Cancun     Turtle Swim Cancun     Turtle in Cancun

Fish Swim Through     Fish Schools      MUSA Underwater Museum#1    MUSA Underwater Museum#2


Key Largo - Dec 2011

I took a long weekend to go visit my brother in Ft. Lauderdale in December and managed to squeeze a day of scuba diving in a couple sites near Key Largo.    The vis was a bit cloudy with particles/sand from the recent winds, but it was a pretty good day of diving.   I was amazed at how good the coral life there was.     These pics are from the sites Key Largo Dry Rocks, and Key Largo Dry Rock North North.

Key Largo Scuba Diving - 17 Dec 2011


Roatan - November 2011

Trent and the X-Dog spent a week diving the West End area of Roatan with Coconut Tree Divers .  While there, we stayed at CocoLobo, a great little resort.   All photos were taken with a Sealife DC1400 with strobe.     Here are the links to the dive pictures.

Scuba Diving Roatan - Nov 6th 2011         Scuba Diving Roatan - Nov 7th 2011        Scuba Diving Roatan - Nov 8th 2011

Scuba Diving Roatan - Nov 9th 2011         Scuba Diving Roatan - Nov 10th 2011     Scuba Diving Roatan - Nov 11th 2011


Nov 6th 2011:   Grouper       Porcupinefish     Midnight Parrotfish     Blue Tang School   Turtle

Nov 10th 2011 - SHARK DIVE!!:      Shark#1   Shark#2   Shark#3   Shark#4   Shark#5   Shark#6   Feeding Frenzy!   Shark#8   Shark#9

Puerto Aventuras Mexico - October 2011

Trent and Mrs X. visited the El Dorado Seaside Suites in the Mayan Riviera area of Mexico.   We went diving with Dive Aventuras in the Puerto Aventuras area.   This was my first trip with my Sealife DC1400 w/ strobe.    Visibility was also a bit poor the first day or two of diving, so you'll have to fogive some of the backscatter.     I didn't do any cleanup of these pics yet, so you'll notice how I was using the SEA method..  Shoot, Examine, Adjust.   Not always getting better results, but usually.

Puerto Aventuras Diving - 16 Oct 2011    Puerto Aventuras Diving - 17 Oct 2011   Puerto Aventuras Diving - 18 Oct 2011

Puerto Aventuras Diving - 19 Oct 2011   Puerto Aventuras Diving - 20 oct 2011  

Aruba - May 2011

Trent and Mrs X. went with some family to Aruba in May.    We went diving with S.E. Aruba Fly 'n Dive and I can definitely recommend them to others if you happen to be in Aruba.   I had went with Dive with Clive once in the past, but he didn't have a boat while we were there!    Here are the dive pics.   These were taken with a Fuji F30 with Fuji housing, and I was working on manually setting the white balance to try to get good pics.   This worked in some cases, not so well in others.  (Deeper water would not allow setting a white balance, but more shallow pics seemed to turn out ok)

Scuba Diving Aruba - 08 May 2011   Scuba Diving Aruba - 09 May 2011   Scuba Diving Aruba - 10 May 2011

Scuba Diving Aruba - 11 May 2011   Scuba Diving Aruba - 12 May 2011   Scuba Diving Aruba - 13 May 2011


Jamaica - Jan/Feb 2011

Trent and Mrs X. stayed a week at Sandals in Ocho Rios in January/February of 2011.   If you've not been to Sandals in Ocho Rios, I can highly recommend it.  The Sandals there is currently called the Sandals Grande Riviera.   We really enjoyed our stay there.     The diving wasn't great, but it wasn't bad.     Here's a link to my review for our stay there.    Sandals Grande Riviera Review.      And Here are some pics from our trip.

Scuba Diving Ocho Rios - 30 Jan 2011   Scuba Diving Ocho Rios - 31 Jan 2011   Scuba Diving Ocho Rios - 01 Feb 2011

Scuba Diving Ocho Rios - 02 Feb 2011   Scuba Diving Ocho Rios - 03 Feb 2011   Scuba Diving Ocho Rios - 04 Feb 2011

Sandals Grand Riviera pictures.  (Riviera Side) - Jan/Feb 2011


St. Maarten and Saba - Dec 2010

Trent and Mrs X. visited the islands of St. Maarten and Saba in December of 2010.    In St. Maarten, we stayed at Divi Little Bay Beach & Racquet Club, and went diving with Aqua Mania Adventures.    In Saba we stayed at The Cottage Club Hotel and went diving with Sea Saba.   We had also used Aqua Mania Adventures for our Ferry transport to Saba.   The ferry was ok, but Aqua Mania really left us hanging after we got back from Saba, and we were stuck without transport to our hotel for over an hour.      Here are the pics from that trip.

St. Maarten Scuba Diving - 06 Dec 2010   St. Maarten Scuba Diving - 07 Dec 2010    Saba Scuba Diving - 08 Dec 2010

Saba Scuba Diving - 09 Dec 2010    Saba Scuba Diving - 10 Dec 2010


Cabo San Lucas Mexico - October 2010

Trent and Mrs X. met some friends in Cabo San Lucas in October 2010.   We stayed at the Tesoro Los Cabos, which is now apparently a Wyndham property.    We enjoyed the location of the resort, right on the Marina and close to the best restaurants, but there was a bad smell coming from the sewers or something that seemed to permeate our room.    We had to spray air freshener into the A/C unit to try to get the smell out a bit.      We went Scuba Diving with Sunshine Dive and Charter in Cabo, which was located under the Tesoro hotel.   They were a friendly bunch that I would definitely recommend to others to use.     We mostly dove around the Cabo San Lucas corridor, but also did a further trip to Cabo Pulmo that was pretty amazing.    Here are links to the pictures and videos from the trip.

Pictures:    Cabo Scuba Diving - 03 Oct 2010   Cabo Scuba Diving - 04 Oct 2010   Cabo Scuba Diving - 05 Oct 2010

Cabo Scuba Diving - 06 Oct 2010   Cabo Pulmo Scuba Diving - 07 Oct 2010

Videos:   Groups&Eels - Cabo Pulmo    Eeels&Groupers - Cabo Pulmo   Jewel Moray Eel - 6 Oct 2010  

Mobula Ray - 4 Oct 2010   Mobula Ray - 3 Oct 2010   Mobula Ray#2 - 3 Oct 2010


Kona - May 2010

Trent and Mrs X. spent a week on the Big Island of Hawaii in May of 2010.   Photos here are of our tour around the island, and photos and videos taken while scuba diving.    The manta ray videos, and the video of the Spanish Dancer, are not to be missed.   If you like the pictures and want to comment on them, feel free to add me as a friend in Facebook.

Big Island Photos - May 2010                  Scuba Diving Kona - May 3rd 2010        Scuba Diving Kona - May 4th 2010

Scuba Diving Kona - May 5th 2010         Scuba Diving Kona - May 6th 2010        Scuba Diving Kona - May 7th 2010

The following links are the the videos of the Dolphins and Manta Rays from the night dive on the 6th, and the Spanish Dancer from the dive on the 7th.    Some videos are very short, while some are a bit longer.   But nothing over 2 minutes.  Please enjoy.

Spanish Dancer        Dolphins       Dolphins - 2      Dolphins - 3      Dolphins - 4

Manta - 1      Manta - 2      Manta - 3      Manta - 4      Manta - 5      Manta - 6      Manta - 7      Manta - 8

Manta - 9      Manta - 10      Manta - 11    Manta - 12


St. Lucia - February 2010

Trent and Mrs X. spent a week at the Sandals Halcyon in St. Lucia in February 2010.   Sandals has "all-inclusive" pricing that included everything from motorized water sports, like skiing or knee boarding, to even Scuba Diving!     Here are links to pictures taken on the trip.  If you like the pictures and want to comment on them, feel free to add me as a friend in Facebook.

Sandals Halcyon - February 2010                 St. Lucia Scuba Diving - Feb 1st, 2010          St. Lucia Scuba Diving - Feb 2nd, 2010

St. Lucia Scuba Diving - Feb 3rd, 2010        St. Lucia Scuba Diving - Feb 4th, 2010          St. Lucia Scuba Diving - Feb 5th, 2010

St. Lucia Scuba Diving - Feb 6th, 2010


Cancun - Isla Mujeres - Playa Del Carmen - Puerto Morelos - December 2009

Trent spent a week diving with Scorpio Divers , while we (Trent and X-Factor Kiwi) stayed at the Oasis Grand Caribbean Resort in Cancun.   Some of the diving was done in Cancun, some in Isla Mujeres, some in Playa, and some in Puerto Morelos.     Follow the links to see the pictures.     Also, follow the Video link to see all the videos taken on the trip.

Isla Mujeres Scuba Diving 13 Dec 2009     Cancun Scuba Diving 14 Dec 2009    Cancun Scuba Diving 15 Dec 2009

Bull Shark Dive - Playa Del Carmen - 16 Dec 2009    Puerto Morelos Scuba Diving - 17 Dec 2009

Bull Shark and Eagle Ray videos 


Cozumel - Mexico - December 2009

Trent and Big X visited Cozumel for some R&R and lots of Scuba Diving.   We stayed at the Iberostar and really liked the resort.   We went diving with Dressel Divers and weren't as impressed.   It was SUPER busy..   The cattle boats had multiple herds it was so busy!   Anyway, check out these photos of the diving, and of the Iberostar

Cozumel Scuba Diving 6 Dec 2009      Cozumel Scuba Diving 7 Dec 2009        Cozumel Scuba Diving 8 Dec 2009

Cozumel Scuba Diving 9 Dec 2009      Cozumel Scuba Diving 10 Dec 2009      Cozumel Scuba Diving 11 Dec 2009

Iberostar Cozumel Dec 2009

Curacao - October 2009

Trent and Big X visited the island of Curacao in October 2009.   We stayed at Breezes resort and had a great time.   I'd highly recommend the diving in Curacao.  And Breezes resort was pretty nice for anyone that's looking for an all-inclusive place to stay while there.

Curacao Scuba Diving 18 Oct 09   Curacao Scuba Diving 19 Oct 09    Curacao Scuba Diving 20 Oct 09

Curacao Scuba Diving 21 Oct 09   Curacao Scuba Diving 22 Oct 09   Curacao Scuba Diving 23 Oct 09

Willemstad City Photos - Oct 09    Breezes Resort - Curacao - Oct 09


Maui - Hawaii - May 2009

Trent and Big X tied the knot and had friends and family to Maui for the big event.  Trent spent time scuba diving, as well as doing a little exploring.  So check out the dive photoes, and the regular photos.   Check out the ones of the Surfing Goat Dairy on the 9th of May!    Also, there's a link to my youtube page that contains videos of Octopus and Eagle rays.   

Maui Scuba Diving 1 May 2009          Maui Scuba Diving 2 May 2009      Maui Scuba Diving 3 May 2009

Maui Scuba Diving 4 May 2009          Maui Scuba Diving 7 May 2009      Maui Scuba Diving 8 May 2009

Maui Photos 5 and 6 May 2009          Maui Photos - 9 May 2009              Maui Scuba Videos

St. Croix - U.S. Virgin Islands, February 2009

Please check out the Scuba Photos from Trent and Sarah's trip to Hotel on the Cay in Christianstadt, U.S. Virgin Islands, from February, 2009.

St. Croix Scuba Photos - 1 February 2009        St. Croix Scuba Photos - 2 & 3 February 2009     St. Croix Scuba Photos - 4 February 2009

St. Croix Scuba Photos - 5 February 2009      St. Croix - Hotel on the Cay photos

Kauai - Hawaii - October 2008

Trent, along with Big X (Sarah) and Little X (Kelsey), visited Kauai in October.  They did some diving, and lots of relaxing.   Check out the photos below of the diving, and some general tourist type pics.

Kauai - 11 October 2008     Kauai - 12 and 13 October 2008   Kauai - 15 and 16 October 2008     Kauai - 17 October 2008

Utila - Roatan - May 2008

I spent more than a week diving in Utila in May of 2008.    I stayed at the Mango Inn, and dove with Utila Dive Center.  The diving was pretty good, and the Mango Inn was pretty decent as well.  Take a look at the pics, there's even some of a whale shark I saw there!

Utila Scuba Pics - 2 May 2008     Utila Scuba Pics - 3 May 2008      Utila Scuba and Mango Inn Pics - 4 May 2008

Utila Scuba Pics - 5 May 2008     Utila Scuba Pics - 6 May 2008      Utila Scuba Pics - 7 May 2008

Utila Scuba Pics - 8 May 2008     Utila Scuba Pics - 9 May 2008

Tobago - February 2008

Trent and Big X visited Tobago in February of 2008.  We stayed at the Sandy Point Beach Club on the southeast side of the island.  We went diving through the dive operator that was on site, Frontier Divers.   Check out the links below for scuba pics, pics of the resort, and pics of Speyside and Tobago in general.

Tobago Scuba  Pics - 10 February 2008     Tobago Scuba  Pics - 11 February 2008     Tobago Scuba  Pics (Speyside) - 12 February 2008    

Tobago Scuba  Pics - 13 February 2008     Tobago Scuba  Pics - 14 February 2008     Tobago Scuba  Pics (Speyside) - 15 February 2008

Playa Hermosa - Costa Rica, April - May 2007

Trent, along with this trip's "X" factor, Jen, visited the Villas Sol Resort in the Playa Hermosa area of Costa Rica.  Check out all the dive photos, along with the pics of the resort.

Villas Sol Resort - Playa Hermosa - Costa Rica                           Scuba Photos - 30 April 2007 - Playa Hermosa - Costa Rica   

Scuba Photos - 1 May 2007 - Playa Hermosa - Costa Rica       Scuba Photos - 1 May 2007 - Playa Hermosa - Costa Rica (Color Enhanced)  

Scuba Photos - 2 May 2007 - Playa Hermosa - Costa Rica      Scuba Photos - 3 May 2007 - Playa Hermosa - Costa Rica

Scuba Photos - 4 May 2007 - Playa Hermosa - Costa Rica

Akumal Beach Resort - Akumal, Mexico - May 2006

Trent, along with the X-Dog, visited the Akumal Beach resort in May, 2006.   Check out the resort photos, as well as the trip report and snorkeling photos from in front of the resort.

Akumal Beach Resort - Akumal Mexico

Akumal Beach Resort - Snorkeling and Scuba pictures

Akumbal Beach Resort - Trip Report (review)

Fantasy Island Resort - Roatan, Honduras - April 2006

T & C, along with "X" factors Jake and Jennifer, visited the island of Roatan, off the coast of Honduras, in April of 2006.   They stayed at Fantasy Island Resort .  Please check out the pictures of the resort, pics of Roatan scuba diving, and other pics from their trip.

Fantasy Island Resort - Roatan, Honduras

Scuba Diving Photos - Roatan, Honduras

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